artist’s statement

I have a love-hate relationship with the crush of information that bombards our daily lives. It can be hard to make sense of the barrage of sound bites, advertising campaigns, talking points, and visual explosions coming at us from a noisy world. Everything can seem exciting, interesting, and important. Before we know it, something else has entered our radar and becomes equally exciting, interesting, and important.

My way of making sense of this clatter is to take a breath, and search for only the visual bits and pieces that resonate with me. Taking these fragments, icons, marks and notes, and graphic patterns, I mash them up to construct a story of what it means to live at this time, in this world. This freeze-framed moment… this personal epiphany is packed with memories, history, triumph, sadness, color, beauty, decay, energy, humor, and urgency. I hope that the viewer deconstructs my world-view, and reconstructs it to fit their story.